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Hear the live broadcast of all the Princeton home spring races.  

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You can also hear the same live broadcast from your phone.  To listen to broadcasts over the phone, dial 213-493-0216.

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Schedule of Home Racing 4/19/14: 


Princeton Women Vs. Yale, Eisenberg Cup
9:00 AM B/C 4+
9:20 AM 3rd Varsity 8
9:40 AM Varsity 4+
10:00 AM 2nd Varsity
10:20 AM Varsity 8, Eisenberg Cup

Princeton Lightweight Men Vs. University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown

10:40 AM 3rd and 4th Varsity 8
11:00 AM 2nd Varsity and 1st Freshman 8
11:20 AM Varsity 8, Wood-Hammond Cup

Princeton Lightweight Women Vs. Georgetown

11:40 PM Varsity 8, Class of 2006 Cup